Emily Combs photo.jpg

At A Glance

Emily Combs, Instructor

Leslie Howard, Gay White, and more, Influential Teachers

20, Years Practicing Yoga

7, Years Teaching Yoga

Certified, Pelvic Floor Yoga Teacher

200 hours, Teaching Certificate 2007

500 hours, Teaching Certificate 2019 from the Advanced Studies Program at The Yoga Room Berkeley

1 year, Assisted Shari Ser in Beginning Iyengar Yoga

1 year, Assisted Leslie Howard in Yoga for the Pelvic Floor

Iyengar Style Yoga, Type of  Yoga

Emily Combs lives in Modesto. She grew up doing acrobatics and naturally gravitated toward yoga in college. Yoga was much better because it made her body, mind, and spirit feel so good!

She is deeply inspired by Iyengar yoga and the transformative power of the practice. After having children and suffering chronic low back pain because of difficult deliveries, her practice became more focused on gentle and therapeutic uses of yoga. 

She has studied with many wonderful instructors, but she considers Leslie Howard and Gay White her most influential teachers. She has studied the pelvic floor with Leslie and completed her "Pelvic Revolution" teacher training in 2017. She currently teaches a regularly scheduled Yoga for the Pelvic Floor class series in Oakland. In addition, she completed a 500 hour Advanced Studies Program at The Yoga Room in Berkeley.